Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Back in the habit

No, I'm not going to become a nun again, don't worry!

Getting back into the habit of Blogging again is already a bit strange. Ditto going onto Facebook as "not-the-real-me" (as, of course, just like most people, the real me has a Facebook account, just like the fake me). Such a faff logging off and logging back on again. Ditto with Gmail. Oh well...if I will choose to blog incognita then it's my own sodding fault, right?

It's pissed it down here all day and I got drenched because I didn't take an umberella to work with me. Again, my own sodding fault, right?

I don't have anything interesting to report, probably because I'm on the blob. Not my own sodding fault - damn you, Eve!!!


zoe said...

Well it didn't rain here at all. I get some smug satisfaction out of telling you that.

miladydewinter said...

Ah so the Brussels weather is as dry as your snatch? Always good to hear - glad nothing changes in Brussels :O)

Mr. Nighttime said...

Nothing changes in Brussels, except of course, the government. One has to wonder if that country is going to have a schizoid break and split itself in two.

zoe said...

Brussels is nothing like my snatch and you'll find that a great deal changes here. You two are despicable.

I'm off out to look at the sun - ooo, a pleasant 28°C today.

aka k said...

I thought I was the only one who did that logging of logging on thing. Have to keep reminding myself which gmail belongs to which facebook