Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The charity of friends

I've just been treated this evening to a really rather lovely supper with some friends I already knew and friends I didn't know yet but who are friends now. She cooked a stonkly massive chickpea and potato curry and He was in charge of naans. We didn't have wine, we had water (NB: This is a good thing as I had a hangover this morning and was sick in the bogs at work. Twice) and it was all very civilised but lovely conversation and it was nice to be around a group of people in a scenario where one doesn't need to make an effort (it was in their kitchen, not their dining room and not all of the plates matched and the cat kept coming in and out of the room and I had no earings in). They're a lovely couple - She's a Research Technician I've gotten to know through necessity over the last year (as she's very highly skilled and her boss is useless) and He is a maths teacher. They're both Evangelists and it turned out that their main purpose in feeding us (there were 4 of us, 2 male, 2 female) was not to feed us or match-make or to convert us. Turns out, they're not praying for my mortal soul (which I sold many years ago) but were just being nice. Such a rare thing thesedays. Someone being nice without an ulterior motive. Someone giving you a nice curry and not asking for anything in return - not even help with the washing up. The four guests were drawn from different walks of life. Two of us were scientists and we already knew one another (he's a protein chemist, we know one another academically as we've worked together before now, albeit moons ago) and the other two were an admin assistant and a physics teacher (sinfully handsome, lovely body, married...and gay...oh well...always the way I find - all the men I fall for are either married or gay - this time, they're both). I was there because I live alone and apparently could do with not having to cook for one as "nothing's so depressing" (fair point). Other Scientist was there because he's going through a messy divorce and "needs people around him" (never a truer word spoke). Physics Teacher was there because his partner is working abroad teaching English this summer and he "doesn't know what to do with himself" (I'm sure he's fine but how thoughtful) and Admin Assistant was there because they've been "meaning to have her round for supper for some time" (and I'm glad they did - she's very sweet). She knows me from work, ditto Other Scientist. He knows Physics Teacher from work. They know Admin Assistant from Church. It was a nice evening and a fun time was had by all. I was most suprised that I enjoyed myself so much, I have to say.
PS: By the way, isn't All Summer Long by Kid Rock just brilliant? I love it!


Mr. Nighttime said...

Ya know know this is the mildest entry I have ever seen from you...and it is great. Glad you enjoyed the company and the meal. Not too shabby, eh?

Gorilla Bananas said...

It sounds like an excellent vegetarian meal that will improve the texture and smell of your poo. Be sure to check when you next do No.2.

zoe said...

It sounds like quite a lovely evening but what were you doing there with NO EAR-RINGS IN??

You're approaching hell at a speed faster than you can imagine.

miladydewinter said...

I know Zoe, I know. Before you know it, I'll be not keeping my nets spotlessly white and my kitchen floor will be rotten... Oh wait hang on...

It was a very clean post eh? Don't worry, I'll talk about poo later on, just for you, Mr Nighttime!

Mr. Nighttime said...

"I'll talk about poo later on, just for you, Mr Nighttime! "

I'll pass on the poo, thank you.

The Aunt said...

I can't believe you allowed yourself to be seen in public with no earrings. It's tantamount to public nudity.

Anyone would think you were some kind of loose woman.