Monday, 4 August 2008

New beginnings

She's saucy and she's naughty and she's back

That's what the old trout Zoe says and yes, she's right on all three counts, bless her. I must say it's very nice being back in the Blogsphere again - so nice to have someone to "talk" to when I feel like having a rant or saying something utterly filthy without fear of offending anyone real. Many things have changed since last time I was here - a lot of water under the bridge and a few men under the patio. I've moved house, changed jobs, lost 9lbs and experimented with Botox and I can tell you that all of the above have had a wonderful effect on me!

It's going to take me a while to get back up to speed - this new Blogger interface wasn't here when I left, for a start! I'd like to get back some of my old pages via the Way Back Machine and get my FAQ back together, not to mention my old background logo type thingy.

In the meantime, a few catch ups re: people from my life who you may recall from before the Fall (as though I'm Eve! Ha! Though I have commit terrible sins with fruit in my time, but no apples...yet...). First up, The Cunt, so lovingly named ex-boyfriend of mine who screwed me over royally and sent me to Prozac Hell. He and I have finally made peace. At long, long last. It took almost 2 years but we managed it. So much has changed for the both of us and we're actually now really rather good friends. I blame BPD on his part, and he thinks it's a likely candidate too, for his shocking way of treating women/everyone in the past. We're now very good pals indeed and we've both been dating other people and have not had a single inside-the-pants type accident in the last 6 months during which we have become friends again. We're still living in the same general area, though he's fleeing to the USA to work in NYC as of October so I wish him all the very best at starting a new life out there. It's not going to be easy for him but, it will mean I have someone to stay with when I'm in Manhattan :O)

Any shagging lately? Alas not this week - my mott is up on blocks.


zoe said...

Well, it is only Tuesday, dear - there is the rest of the week to get your legs spread again.

miladydewinter said...

Oh no hope of that - I'll be surfing the red tide until the weekend - it's like chilli-con-carne that's coming out of it at the moment - thick and chunky. Do you still get periods, Zoe, or has it all dried up now?

zoe said...

Ever since I had the Mirena coil inserted 10 years, no, I don't. I'm far from dried up though, unlike you.

miladydewinter said...

You say "coil" - more like a pylon, given that you've got a mott like a clown's pocket :OP

I'm not dried up - my juices are still very much flowing, thank you very much!

zoe said...

Considering the size of it when I first saw it (see my pics on my pic - doh - page) I would tend to agree that it was the length of a pylon - at first.

Clowns and pockets? You seem to know an awful lot.