Thursday, 14 August 2008

Waifs and strays...

I'm adopting some goldfish in a minute. A man's bringing them over in a Tupperware. I've got them for 3 weeks - oh the responsibility! I do hope they're rather plain-looking and easily replaced if I kill one accidentally. I've got some guinea pigs coming next week, which I've got for 1 week. I'm looking forward to them - they're the most bone-idle animals on the planet and I think they're fabulous.

I've been "working from home" today, which means I got up at 11am and got dressed at 2pm. I've watched Cash in the Attic and eaten a big stack of toast and then I went for coffee with a friend and pretended we were ladies who lunch for an hour. I went out sans earings again - shockingly scandalous AND I didn't have any tights on. Mainly because I was wearing jeans but still... I've done no work at all but the best thing about academia is that you can "work from home" at lot (i.e. skive) and you can come and go as you please, as long as you remember to turn up to lectures you are giving and meetings you're meant to be at and you always reply to emails very quickly - this is what Blackberrys were designed for - allowing academics to stay in bed but still answer urgent emails.

I've got a cold on the way but I'm going out with the gals from the typing pool later on (one of them is leaving us for colder climes - Scotland of all places). I'm to have one pint and one alone and I'm not allowed to be drunk. The Cunt is likely to be coming out too, which will be nice, as I've not spoken to him properly in a week or two. Hopefully he'll buy me a drink - which means I'm allowed two pints, because it's always rude to refuse a gift.


zoe said...

Oh criminey - I'll never look after goldfish ever again. I still haven't told Tatiana that the fish she came back to wasn't the one that she left me with.

No ear-rings AGAIN? How slovenly.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Are you going to change the Cunt's name now that he no longer is one. You could always call him the ex-Cunt.

miladydewinter said...

No, he will always remain The Cunt. Even though we are friends now I will NEVER forgive him for the way he treated me and I will NEVER forget what he did. I call him The Cunt still to remind myself what he is capable of and to remind myself not to fall for his charms.

Mr. Nighttime said...

So, are you the big, dangling earring type, or the stylish small type?

As for the Cunt, yeah, well, zebras don't usually change their stripes, so I can understand your caution.

miladydewinter said...

It depends what I am wearing, of course!

peter said...

Scotland is a great place to leave for. From just about anywhere.

The Aunt said...

I never wear tights in the summer. If you don't uncover your legs they never go brown.

My grandmother never wears knickers in the summer... does that make it respectable?